• Gibraltar win their first ever official senior international points

    Gibraltar win their first ever official senior international points0

    Gibraltar recorded its first ever victory in an official international team group match after beating Armenia 0-1 in Yerevan in the Nations League Group 4 League D. A goal from Joseph Chipolina from the penalty spot in the first minutes of the second half after Lee Casciaro was tumbled inside the penalty area after stealing

  • Gibraltar futsal wins in San Marino

    Gibraltar futsal wins in San Marino0

    Gibraltar Futsal team won the second of their matches against San Marino this weekend after an initial defeat on Saturday. Having lost 6-1 on Saturday, with the team only having arrived in San Marino the previous night Gibraltar were to turn the tables the next day. With players such as Andrew Lopez coming out on

  • Gibraltar Netball gets second win against Bermuda0

    Gibraltar netball enter their final day at Netball Europe in Aberdeen with the chance of taking silver. A victory against Bermuda saw them in with a chance to come back with a result. Gibraltar, who gave some of their young players a chance were rewarded with goals from Amy Pozo and Courtney Ferrer in a