• Scheduled Stop

    Scheduled Stop0

    The British Royal Navy’s Trafalgar-class nuclear-powered submarine, HMS Talent, is pictured being loaded with munitions and supplies at the Naval Base yesterday. HMS Talent arrived in Gibraltar last Saturday for a scheduled stop. The visit has, however, drawn flak from Spanish environmental group Verdemar – Ecologistas en Acción. Pic by Johnny Bugeja

  • US submarine sails into port

    US submarine sails into port0

    The US Navy’s Los Angeles-class submarine USS Newport News is pictured above sailing into Gibraltar yesterday evening. The Ministry of Defence said it was “a scheduled logistical visit”. The submarine’s arrival was not without incident, however. Details were sketchy as this edition went to press, but eyewitnesses said a Spanish customs boat was intercepted by

  • US attack submarine sails into port

    US attack submarine sails into port0

    The US Virginia-class attack submarine USS John Warner sailed into Gibraltar this morning. The nuclear-powered submarine is on a scheduled visit, the Ministry of Defence said in a short statement. The submarine is designed for a broad spectrum of open-ocean and littoral missions. It can perform a variety of missions for the US Navy, including