• Busy week for Customs

    Busy week for Customs0

    In the last week, HM Customs has worked jointly with other agencies in a host of operations which have resulted in the seizure of a vehicle, a vessel, communications equipment and over £17,000 worth of cigarettes. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Customs Officers working with the assistance of the Gibraltar Defence Police conducted

  • Spain moves ahead with ban on ‘narco launches’

    Spain moves ahead with ban on ‘narco launches’0

    Spain yesterday moved to ban large, powerful rigid-hulled inflatable boats of the type used by criminal gangs to smuggle large shipments of cannabis resin across the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco to Spanish shores. The prohibition on the so-called “narco launches” is part of wider initiatives to crack down on drug traffickers operating in this

  • Footage shows dramatic drugs chase near Algeciras

    Footage shows dramatic drugs chase near Algeciras0

    Spain’s Guardia Civil has released dramatic footage of a high-speed chase at sea near Algeciras that ended in 2.4 tonnes of cannabis resin being seized. The video shows Spanish law enforcement vessels and a helicopter chasing smugglers on a rigid-hulled inflatable boat in the area of Punta Carnero. In a statement, the Guardia Civil said

  • Drugs seized after dawn chase in Algeciras

    Drugs seized after dawn chase in Algeciras0

    Smugglers ditched at least 107 bales of cannabis resin during dawn chase at sea off Algeciras yesterday. Video and photographs posted on social media showed the coastline in Getares dotted with floating bales [pictured above]. Minutes earlier, a rigid-hulled inflatable boat had been filmed speeding just metres from the shore, its occupants throwing the bales

  • Gibraltar’s inclusion in transition hinges on ‘bilateral deal on irritants’, Dastis says

    Gibraltar’s inclusion in transition hinges on ‘bilateral deal on irritants’, Dastis says0

    Gibraltar’s inclusion in the Brexit transition period will depend on whether agreement can be reached on “complicated” issues such as the airport and tobacco smuggling, Spain’s Foreign Minister, Alfonso Dastis, said this week. Speaking after a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels, Mr Dastis insisted Spain would not block the wider Brexit deal over

  • CM urges Spain to ban RHIBs

    CM urges Spain to ban RHIBs0

    The Gibraltar Government yesterday urged Spain to push ahead with legislation to prohibit the use of large rigid-hulled inflatable boats, pledging the Rock’s “genuine desire” to strengthen cross-border cooperation between law enforcement agencies. The message came a day after the tragic death of an eight year old child in a collision between two boats off