• Spain moves ahead with ban on ‘narco launches’

    Spain moves ahead with ban on ‘narco launches’0

    Spain yesterday moved to ban large, powerful rigid-hulled inflatable boats of the type used by criminal gangs to smuggle large shipments of cannabis resin across the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco to Spanish shores. The prohibition on the so-called “narco launches” is part of wider initiatives to crack down on drug traffickers operating in this

  • RGP arrest ten following Guardia RHIB chase

    RGP arrest ten following Guardia RHIB chase0

    Ten Spanish men remained in police custody last night having been arrested when they berthed three RHIBs just off Eastern Beach yesterday morning. Events unfolded shortly before 11pm yesterday when the Guardia Civil gave chase to the men in the three ribs. In a bid to evade capture they beached the RHIBs on the small

  • RHIB chase ends in fire and four arrests

    RHIB chase ends in fire and four arrests0

    A Gibraltarian man was among four people arrested by the Guardia Civil after their rigid-hulled inflatable boat caught fire during a chase. The RHIB, which was loaded with canisters of fuel but was not carrying any illicit substances, was chased down the Spanish coastline from about 10 miles off Malaga toward the Strait of Gibraltar.

  • CM urges Spain to ban RHIBs

    CM urges Spain to ban RHIBs0

    The Gibraltar Government yesterday urged Spain to push ahead with legislation to prohibit the use of large rigid-hulled inflatable boats, pledging the Rock’s “genuine desire” to strengthen cross-border cooperation between law enforcement agencies. The message came a day after the tragic death of an eight year old child in a collision between two boats off