• Catholic Church publishes safeguarding policy document

    Catholic Church publishes safeguarding policy document0

    A safeguarding policy was yesterday published by the Diocese of Gibraltar to protect children, young persons and vulnerable adults involved in church activities. The 62-page document titled “Safeguarding Children, Young Persons and Vulnerable Adults” is now available to read on the Diocese’s website. At a press conference held in the Bishop’s Parlour at the Cathedral

  • Salt water killed Rooke trees, report says

    Salt water killed Rooke trees, report says0

    Trees have died and are dying due to the use of salt water for dust control at the site of HMS Rooke, according to a green area assessment carried out by Wildlife Gibraltar. The report, which has been filed with the Town Planner, states that when the planter in the middle of the site was

  • Heritage Trust welcomes new laws

    Heritage Trust welcomes new laws0

    The Gibraltar Heritage Trust has welcomed the passing of legislation by the Gibraltar Parliament which it said marks the opening of a new chapter in the Rock’s record of heritage protection. This comes after the Gibraltar Heritage and Antiquities Act and the Town Planning Act tabled at yesterday’s session of Parliament and passed unanimously. In