• Govt slams PP’s ‘confrontational and outdated’ policy on Gib

    Govt slams PP’s ‘confrontational and outdated’ policy on Gib0

    The Gibraltar Government has blasted the Partido Popular’s policy on Gibraltar, labelling it “confrontational and outdated”. The PP’s approach risks undermining the close, positive economic links that exist between Gibraltar and the neighbouring region, No.6 Convent Place said in a statement The Government was reacting to comments made by the party’s controversial former Foreign Minister,

  • PSOE rebounds in polls after ousting Rajoy

    PSOE rebounds in polls after ousting Rajoy0

    Support for Spain’s Socialists has jumped since leader Pedro Sanchez staged a successful no-confidence vote against previous Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, two polls looking at voting intentions showed on Sunday. The June 1 no-confidence vote, raised in parliament by the Socialists after dozens of high ranking politicians from the ruling conservative Partido Popular were sentenced

  • UK confident of ‘mutually agreeable’ Brexit deal with Gibraltar and Spain

    UK confident of ‘mutually agreeable’ Brexit deal with Gibraltar and Spain0

    The UK Government this week reiterated its “longstanding support” for the 2006 Cordoba agreement and signalled confidence that “a mutually agreeable resolution” to practical issues arising from Brexit could be reached with Gibraltar and Spain. The statement, contained in a response to a question on the airport tabled in the House of Lords, comes just

  • Rajoy resigns: ‘It’s best for Spain’

    Rajoy resigns: ‘It’s best for Spain’0

    Spain’s former Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, resigned from the leadership of the Partido Popular yesterday, as the country’s new Socialist government signalled key cabinet members including the foreign, economy and budget ministers. And in another development that could further complicate the PSOE’s hopes of an orderly minority government, the PP said it was considering torpedoing

  • Rajoy on the ropes over party corruption case

    Rajoy on the ropes over party corruption case0

    Spanish opposition parties have launched a fierce campaign to end the conservative government of Mariano Rajoy after courts ruled that his Partido Popular profited from a large kickbacks-for-contracts scheme. The Socialist opposition announced a vote of no confidence against the prime minister with the backing of anti-establishment and left-wing parties, while the pro-business Ciudadanos (Citizens)

  • PP convicted in major corruption case

    PP convicted in major corruption case0

    A Spanish court has issued hefty prison sentences for politicians and business people involved in a kickbacks-for-contracts scheme that helped fund Spain’s governing party. The National Court’s decision is a major blow for Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular, fined 245,000 euros because it benefited from the illegal scheme that was in place between