• RGP equips armed officers with Tasers

    RGP equips armed officers with Tasers0

    The Royal Gibraltar Police has introduced Taser devices for its frontline armed police officers. A Taser is designed to temporarily incapacitate an individual through the use of an electrical current which temporarily interferes with the body’s neuromuscular system and produces a sensation of intense pain. Assistant Commissioner (Designate) Richard Ullger said: “As a result of

  • RGP announces promotions

    RGP announces promotions0

    Royal Gibraltar Police Commissioner Ian McGrail has announced a host of promotions to various ranks in the organisation following the promotion boards that concluded last week. Superintendent Richard Ullger has been promoted to Assistant Commissioner and will be taking up the post on the retirement of current incumbent Richard Mifsud. Mr Ullger joined the RGP

  • Five men questioned by police over ‘offensive’ Grenfell bonfire video

    Five men questioned by police over ‘offensive’ Grenfell bonfire video0

    By Press Association Reporters Five men are being questioned by police after they were arrested over a video showing a model of Grenfell Tower burning on a bonfire. Scotland Yard said the men, who are all from south and south-east London, handed themselves in on Monday. They are a 19-year-old, a 46-year-old and a 49-year-old,

  • Spanish police seize six tonnes of cocaine hidden in banana cargo

    Spanish police seize six tonnes of cocaine hidden in banana cargo0

    Spanish officials have seized more than six tonnes of cocaine hidden among bunches of bananas at an industrial estate in Malaga and arrested 16 people in connection to a suspected drugs ring, police said in a statement on Thursday. More than 300,000 euros in cash, weapons and high-end cars were also confiscated after raiding more

  • Royal Gibraltar Police Survey 2018-19

    Royal Gibraltar Police Survey 2018-190

    The Gibraltar Police Authority will this week launch its annual survey to gauge the public’s satisfaction with the Royal Gibraltar Police. This year the survey will run from October 24 to January 31, 2019. The Gibraltar Police Authority, which is established under the Police Act 2006, is an independent body made up of 10 persons.

  • RGP arrest ten following Guardia RHIB chase

    RGP arrest ten following Guardia RHIB chase0

    Ten Spanish men remained in police custody last night having been arrested when they berthed three RHIBs just off Eastern Beach yesterday morning. Events unfolded shortly before 11pm yesterday when the Guardia Civil gave chase to the men in the three ribs. In a bid to evade capture they beached the RHIBs on the small