• Rocking Yellow

    Rocking Yellow0

    Clubhouse Gibraltar held a rock concert and fun day to raise awareness for mental health. The Minister for Health and Care, Neil Costa, gave a speech at the event having recently announced the introduction of a mental health nursing degree to be delivered locally. The event held last Saturday was a fun day for all

  • Early mental health support can bring economic benefits

    Early mental health support can bring economic benefits0

    Offering youngsters mental health counselling in primary school could help to prevent pupils from skipping school, cut crime and lead to higher employment, according to a report. It concludes that early help, such as one-to-one mental health support, can help boost the life chances of children and bring economic benefits. The study, by Pro Bono

  • Govt outlines ‘landmark’  mental health care legislation

    Govt outlines ‘landmark’ mental health care legislation0

    The Government yesterday announced the commencement of ‘landmark’ legislations that will change the way mental health care is provided on the Rock. The Mental Health Act 2016 and the Lasting Powers of Attorney and Capacity Act 2018 have both commenced and aim to ensure people are safeguarded. The Minister for Health, Care and Justice, Neil