• Storm Trooper resides on the Rock

    Storm Trooper resides on the Rock0

    Shaun Lister, became Gibraltar’s only official and registered Storm Trooper when he was accepted by the esteemed 501st Legion and he is now known in the circle as TK-22201, Vader’s Fist. The 501st Legion, is a charity Org/Cosplay who are famous around the world and are used by Lucas arts and Disney for special events.

  • The Skywalk ‘is strong with the Force’

    The Skywalk ‘is strong with the Force’0

    Mark Hamill, the Hollywood legend best known for his role as Luke Skywalker, opened Gibraltar’s new Skywalk tourist attraction yesterday morning, ‘cutting’ a ribbon on the glass platform with a lightsaber. Flanked by two Stormtroopers from the Boogie Storm dance troupe, Mr Hamill declared: “May the Force be with the Skywalk.” The image of Luke