• Heritage Art Competition

    Heritage Art Competition0

    The Gibraltar Heritage Trust held its 29th annual painting competition last Saturday. This year the competition was held at Irish Town with artists allowed to paint from any vantage point as long as it included Irish Town. The day-long competition saw artists scattered along the street creating their original works. Pics by Johnny Bugeja

  • A heritage site worth protecting

    A heritage site worth protecting0

    The Conservation works on the emblematic heritage fortifications of Southport Gates will ensure the wall does not weaken or become destabilised so that it continues to be protected for future generations. Marcello Sanguinetti from the Department of Heritage explained how some plants were removed to protect the walls. However, the removal itself was not a

  • DPC clears Orange bastion leisure scheme

    DPC clears Orange bastion leisure scheme0

    The Development and Planning Commission granted approval for the redevelopment of Orange Bastion enabling the creation of a leisure area comprising of retail, restaurants and bars on Wednesday. Outline application was granted in December last year. The retail space, restaurants and bars will be located inside the existing stone structures, as the vaults will be

  • Govt plans ‘heritage environment record’ of antiquities found on Rock

    Govt plans ‘heritage environment record’ of antiquities found on Rock0

    A Heritage Environment Record including all of Gibraltar’s antiquities and other heritage assets is to be compiled by the Gibraltar Museum. “Gibraltar has many interesting and valuable antiquities, many of which already form part of the Gibraltar Museum collection, and many others which have been found by individuals on land and in the sea and