• GHA steps up mechanisms to detect ‘superbugs’

    GHA steps up mechanisms to detect ‘superbugs’0

    The Gibraltar Health Authority has invested in specialised technology to eradicate ‘superbugs’ resistant to antibiotics, after five patients were found to be carriers of the bacteria. The bacteria, called carbapenem resistant enterobacteriaceae [CRE], were was first detected last year at St Bernard’s Hospital laboratory from a patient who had returned from Xanit hospital. Although a

  • Meet Mercedes, Gibraltar’s oldest monkey

    Meet Mercedes, Gibraltar’s oldest monkey0

    Mercedes, the Rock’s most loved Macaque, attracts the attention of many a passer-by, but sometimes the comments about her appearance are negative. The average life expectancy for a macaque is 25 but Mercedes is in her mid-30’s, and showing her age. “She is over 100 years old in human terms,” said Dr Eric Shaw, who

  • ‘No sour grapes’ over Europa win, Wales First Minister says

    ‘No sour grapes’ over Europa win, Wales First Minister says0

    The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, said he had “no hard feelings, no sour grapes” after Gibraltar football club Europa FC beat Welsh champions New Saints 2-1 in a Champions League qualifier this week. “I congratulate them for doing that,” Mr Jones said. “I think it’s really important for teams from the small nations,