• Europa press by Phoenix til the end0

    Gibraltar Phoenix 0-1 Europa FC Wednesday evening was chance for Europa’s new signing Urko to demonstrate what he was worth after given a chance to start in the first eleven. Urko did not disappoint although Europa were to find Gibraltar Phoenix a tougher challenge than their current league position would suggest. Europa started the match

  • St Joseph come back to win against Europa0

    Europa 2-3 St Joseph A game of two halves saw St Joseph grab three important points putting them on level terms with Europa and at touching distance from Lincoln Red Imps. Saturday’s clash between St Joseph and Europa was always going to prove itself to be one of the top encounters in the first division.

  • Ten minutes for three points0

    Ten minutes of inspiration from young Mikey Yome sealed Europa’s victory against Gibraltar Phoenix on Saturday. Europa FC came into the match after having dropped points a few days before against Glacis United in a gruelling physical match. The 4pm kick off was not something that Europa would have wished for. Especially playing against Gibraltar

  • 100 plus minutes and no goals0

    Europa seemed to lose its champions-dream sparkle under the overcast skies of Monday when they were held to a 0-0 draw by ten-man Glacis United. This was a match which had many on their feet, sometimes for reasons which had little to do with football skills but very much so with professional football. The match

  • Europa take first trophy

    Europa take first trophy0

    Europa FC claimed their first trophy of the season as they took the Pepe Reyes Cup on Sunday. A 1-1 draw at the end of the 90 minutes took both Europa and Lincoln Red Imps to a penalty-shootout. Two misses by Lincoln Red Imps players handed Europa the trophy in what should have been the

  • Europa win Pepe Reyes on penalties

    Europa win Pepe Reyes on penalties0

    It took a penalty shoot out to unlock both teams after Europa and Lincoln Red Imps finished the 90mins at 1-1. Europa won at the penalty shoot out to claim the first trophy of the season. This was the first time the three home grown player rule was used by the GFA.