• Gib interests ‘harder to protect’ after Brexit vote, Hammond says

    Gib interests ‘harder to protect’ after Brexit vote, Hammond says0

    Britain’s ability to protect the interests of Gibraltar has been damaged by the EU referendum result, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said today. In an interview with ITV’s Robert Peston, Mr Hammond repeated a stark warning he first voiced when he visited Gibraltar ahead of the referendum campaign. “We will be less able to protect Gibraltar’s

  • Cameron in ‘historic’ visit to Gibraltar

    Cameron in ‘historic’ visit to Gibraltar0

    David Cameron will be in Gibraltar today to campaign for Remain, in the first visit to the Rock by a serving Prime Minister since 1968. Mr Cameron will address a rally in Casemates Square at 5.30pm alongside Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, the leader of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party.  He is also expected to meet privately with local

  • Shoes on the Danube

    Shoes on the Danube0

    On the shores of the Danube in Budapest recently, a moving memorial to murdered Jews gave me pause for thought amid the bluster of the EU referendum debate. The memorial on the Pest side of the river is called ‘Shoes on the Danube Promenade’ and consists of 60 pairs of rusting metal shoes of the

  • Gibraltar’s brightest future is IN the European Union0

    The Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia, who is also Minister for European Affairs, argues that Gibraltar is better off in the European Union. He says that a decision to leave the EU would be a leap in the dark. In two months Commonwealth and Irish Citizens resident in Gibraltar, alongside those in the United

  • Forget joint sovereignty, Picardo tells Spain

    Forget joint sovereignty, Picardo tells Spain0

    Gibraltar will never accept any joint sovereignty proposal  between the UK and Spain, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said in an interview published this weekend. He told Spanish newspaper El Mundo that the Rock would never be Spanish and that the Queen “will always rule over Gibraltar.” Mr Picardo was asked whether Gibraltar would sign up

  • ‘No certainty’ border would remain open after Brexit – UK Govt

    ‘No certainty’ border would remain open after Brexit – UK Govt0

    A UK exit from the EU would have “serious implications” for Gibraltar, the British Government said yesterday as it warned there would be “no certainty” that the border with Spain would remain open in that scenario. The stark warning was included in a 23-page document published yesterday in which the British Government said the process