• Shoes on the Danube

    Shoes on the Danube0

    On the shores of the Danube in Budapest recently, a moving memorial to murdered Jews gave me pause for thought amid the bluster of the EU referendum debate. The memorial on the Pest side of the river is called ‘Shoes on the Danube Promenade’ and consists of 60 pairs of rusting metal shoes of the

  • Foreign Secretary warns of Brexit threat to Gibraltar

    Foreign Secretary warns of Brexit threat to Gibraltar0

    A British exit from the European Union would threaten the Rock’s sovereignty and ‘seriously impair’ the British Government’s ability to stand up for Gibraltar, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond warned yesterday. Mr Hammond, who supports Britain remaining in the EU despite his Eurosceptic background, said a Brexit would also endanger Gibraltar’s future security and prosperity. “Britain’s

  • Let’s vote to stay in an imperfect EU0

    by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo When the issue of a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the EU was first mooted, I asked David Cameron and David Lidington to ensure we would be able to vote with the rest of the UK. Both agreed. True to their words, when the vote was called, British,