• Campo protests against drug crime

    Campo protests against drug crime0

    Hundreds of people gathered in the centre of Algeciras yesterday in a demonstration calling for tougher measures to clamp down on drug trafficking in the area, which many believe is out of control. The protest brought together politicians from across the political spectrum, law enforcement unions, NGOs and citizens demanding a greater law enforcement presence

  • Ahead of Campo protest, Guardia Civil seizes 2.5 tonnes of drugs

    Ahead of Campo protest, Guardia Civil seizes 2.5 tonnes of drugs0

    Guardia Civil officers seized yet another large haul of cannabis resin yesterday, on the eve of today’s planned demonstration in Algeciras against the impact of the drugs trade on communities in the Campo de Gibraltar. Officers moved in after spotting a rigid-hulled inflatable boat approaching the coastline near Tarifa to unload the drugs. They seized

  • CM urges Spain to ban RHIBs

    CM urges Spain to ban RHIBs0

    The Gibraltar Government yesterday urged Spain to push ahead with legislation to prohibit the use of large rigid-hulled inflatable boats, pledging the Rock’s “genuine desire” to strengthen cross-border cooperation between law enforcement agencies. The message came a day after the tragic death of an eight year old child in a collision between two boats off