• Boris knows Spain’s game on Gibraltar

    Boris knows Spain’s game on Gibraltar0

    When he comes to assess Spain’s current stance on Gibraltar, Boris Johnson, Britain’s new Foreign Secretary, would do well to refresh his memory by looking at his own cuttings file. Back in August of 2013, when Spain tightened the screws and the border ground to a standstill, Mr Johnson, then the mayor of London, penned

  • Cameron stands by Gib and vows: “I’ll be back.”

    Cameron stands by Gib and vows: “I’ll be back.”0

    Prime Minister David Cameron last night vowed to return to Gibraltar, as he underscored his commitment to always stand up for the Rock. In a recorded address for the people of Gibraltar, Mr Cameron said he wanted to return to the Rock because he admired this community, its achievements and its positive commitment to the EU. The

  • Let’s vote to stay in an imperfect EU0

    by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo When the issue of a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the EU was first mooted, I asked David Cameron and David Lidington to ensure we would be able to vote with the rest of the UK. Both agreed. True to their words, when the vote was called, British,