• Bosum Buddies ‘most outrageous’ hat design in Mad Hatter extravaganza

    Bosum Buddies ‘most outrageous’ hat design in Mad Hatter extravaganza0

    This year’s Bosom Buddies annual fashion show was a hat extravaganza with Carl Mascarenhas clinching the top prize of ‘most outrageous’ hat design. His hat modelled by Davinia Baglietto, Mrs Europe, was a show stopping design with a head piece of glimmering rhinestones supporting a truly “outrageous” array of animalistic feathers. The Alice in Wonderland

  • Cancer relief donation

    Cancer relief donation0

    A hospital bed has been donated to the Cancer Relief Centre by the Yoga Centre in remembrance of Paddy Alcantara, whose first anniversary is today, 24 May. Present were Nalanie and Lillian, as well as Julio, Paddy’s husband, and Julian, one of their sons, and Dawn, Cancer Relief nurse.

  • Sun Awareness

    Sun Awareness0

    Cancer Research UK Gibraltar Branch held a skin cancer awareness stall at the Piazza last Saturday. The stall aimed to inform the public about sun safety, ensuring that people understand the importance of applying sun cream regularly and keeping out of the sun during peak hours. Pic by Johnny Bugeja