• Spanish Navy sparks outrage with ‘childish’ musical incursion

    Spanish Navy sparks outrage with ‘childish’ musical incursion0

    The Spanish navy was accused of childish provocation yesterday after appearing to sail through Gibraltar waters playing their national anthem. The stunt was recorded by a local sport angler and footage was later posted online, sparking outrage on social media. The footage shows a Spanish warship, believed to be the Infanta Elena, sailing along the

  • Humpback sightings prompt navigation warning

    Humpback sightings prompt navigation warning0

    Mariners have been asked to be extra vigilant whilst navigating in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, following consistent sightings of a juvenile humpback whale in the Bay of Gibraltar. All whales are protected under Gibraltar law and GIbraltar’s cetacean protocol. “Under these laws, the free movement of cetaceans must be permitted at all times and in all

  • Governor urges Spain to ‘de-escalate’ tensions at sea

    Governor urges Spain to ‘de-escalate’ tensions at sea0

    Spain should cooperate and coordinate with law enforcement and military assets in Gibraltar through “consensual dialogue” to avoid high-risk, potentially fatal situations at sea, Lieutenant General Edward Davis has said. The Governor of Gibraltar and Commander in Chief was speaking in the wake of last week’s “provocative and unacceptable” incursion in which the Spanish Navy