• Govt to ban smoking across all GHA and ERS sites

    Govt to ban smoking across all GHA and ERS sites0

    The Gibraltar Government will ban smoking across all Gibraltar Health Authority and Elderly Residential Services premises as from October. The ban will cover both indoor and outdoor areas, subject to very limited exemptions. Regulations published yesterday and supported by a new GHA smoking policy will come into force coinciding with ‘Stoptober’, the annual no-smoking campaign

  • Govt to make ‘upskirting’ a crime

    Govt to make ‘upskirting’ a crime0

    The Government of Gibraltar yesterday published draft legislation to make “upskirting” a specific criminal offence in Gibraltar. The term “upskirting” is used to describe the act of taking a photograph under a person’s clothing, typically up someone’s skirt, without that person’s knowledge or permission. It is a form of sexual harassment that is “incredibly violating”

  • CM urges Spain to ban RHIBs

    CM urges Spain to ban RHIBs0

    The Gibraltar Government yesterday urged Spain to push ahead with legislation to prohibit the use of large rigid-hulled inflatable boats, pledging the Rock’s “genuine desire” to strengthen cross-border cooperation between law enforcement agencies. The message came a day after the tragic death of an eight year old child in a collision between two boats off