• Pilot captain completes ‘dream’ Gib landing

    Pilot captain completes ‘dream’ Gib landing0

    Pilot Captain Matt Lloyd fulfilled his ‘white whale’ dream of flying the RAF’s Boeing C17 Globemaster III into Gibraltar for the first time on Thursday evening. The cargo plane was on the Rock for logistic reasons, dropping off some passengers, exercise and operational freight before returning to RAF Brize Norton the Air Force base in

  • New drone rules to be introduced UK

    New drone rules to be introduced UK0

    A database of drone users will be launched under new laws being introduced to the Commons on Wednesday. People flying drones which weigh 250g or more will have to register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Drone pilots will be required to take an online safety test under the new legislation, amid an increase in

  • Key to Gibraltar’s Brexit lies between red lines

    Key to Gibraltar’s Brexit lies between red lines0

    News that negotiations on Gibraltar’s post-Brexit relationship with Spain had become strained will have come as no surprise to anyone familiar with our affairs. Finding agreement with the Partido Popular on enhanced use of Gibraltar’s airport was never going to be easy. On the face of it, there are two irreconcilable positions. On one side