• Energetic Intensity

    Energetic Intensity0

    The James Wilton Dance Company performed their highly acclaimed work “Leviathan” based on Herman Melville’s seminal novel Moby Dick at the John Mackintosh Hall Theatre on Thursday evening as part of the Gibraltar ArtDance International Platform. The festival came to a close last night with an international variety show including local acts. The James Wilton

  • Fogged Up

    Fogged Up0

    The fog bank that rolled in from the Mediterranean last Friday offered a stunning view from the top of the Rock. Photo by Christian Ferrary

  • Ambrose ‘… still dancing in the shadows’

    Ambrose ‘… still dancing in the shadows’0

    Local artist Ambrose Avellano is back with another solo multi-media Fine Art exhibition – a follow up to his 2014 exhibition ‘Dancing under The Shadows’. With some 20 works on show this latest exhibition is called ‘… still dancing under the shadows’ and officially opens today at the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery. The artist says there

  • Enthusiastic opening to Westside’s art exhibition

    Enthusiastic opening to Westside’s art exhibition0

    Westside School’s annual art exhibition was opened this week by a very enthusiastic Education Minister who was both impressed at the volume and quality of the work on show at the Fine Arts Gallery. For some years now the schools have presented to the community the work carried out and produced at examination level –

  • Loss, identity and art, a powerful amalgamation

    Loss, identity and art, a powerful amalgamation0

    ‘There is a relationship between loss and identity that is very important, and when you are the child of someone in exile, and in exile yourself, this may soon find release in the creation of art’ – Firouz Farman Farmaian Artist Firouz Farman Farmaian, this year’s judge of the Gibraltar Spring Visual Arts Exhibition currently

  • Westside art goes on show

    Westside art goes on show0

    Westside’s art is back at the Fine Art Gallery this week. Tonight sees the official opening of an exhibition which brings together the work of GCSE and A Level students from Westside School and this year for the first time also some students from St Martin’s School. The exhibition which fills both vaults at the