• #ThinkingAllowed: Grenfell Tower: A lesson for us all

    #ThinkingAllowed: Grenfell Tower: A lesson for us all0

    When Grenfell Tower in North London was burning we all looked in shock and horror.  How could it be possible?  As the building became engulfed in flames we all knew the inevitable – not everyone would be able to get out alive.  The death toll here would be serious.    The country is in a

  • Cybersecurity should be a national security issue

    Cybersecurity should be a national security issue0

    by Kaelan Joyce Society’s dependency on technology has rapidly increased over the last few years, to such an extent that nowadays our daily routines very much revolve around interconnected devices. Devices that have undoubtedly enabled us unparalleled development in the exchange of information and communications but that have also exposed us to serious new threats.

  • Govt hits out at GSD ‘duplicity’ over social insurance hike

    Govt hits out at GSD ‘duplicity’ over social insurance hike0

    The Government yesterday reiterated that its increase in Social Security is the first increase in seven years and is necessary in order to move towards balancing the Social Assistance Fund, as it hit back at GSD criticisms. As the row over the matter continued yesterday, the Government said GSD Deputy Leader, Roy Clinton, has shown

  • ‘We need our home crowd to fill up the Tercentenary,’ says Zarb

    ‘We need our home crowd to fill up the Tercentenary,’ says Zarb0

    Just days away from Gibraltar’s first competitive international futsal match on home turf (even though there won’t be any turf to speak of) Karl Zarb Secretary of the Gibraltar Futsal division spoke to Stephen Ignacio. Mr Zarb has been one of the key promoters of the sport in Gibraltar. Organiser, administrator, and basically the hands

  • UK civil service ‘needs clear direction from Number 10’ over Brexit strategy0

    Theresa May’s desire for secrecy around her plans for Brexit is hindering the British Government’s ability to prepare for leaving the European Union, a think-tank has warned. The Institute for Government said Whitehall departments are uncertain about what to do before the Prime Minister triggers Article 50 of the EU treaties to being the Brexit

  • Randall flies home

    Randall flies home0

    Mark Randall returns home today having completed 7,000 km from Gibraltar to Israel. He reached his destination on foot last Friday on reaching Jerusalem. Walking and cycling for charity today he her flies in from Luton at 7pm and is expected to be met by the Governor and the Chief Minister on arrival. Reflecting on