• A seminal moment for Gibraltar

    A seminal moment for Gibraltar0

    The runway incident could have led to a collapse in the relationship between the UK and Gibraltar governments and between key organisations whose top priority on the Rock is the protection of this community. Instead, it has led to a strengthening of that relationship, albeit after months of difficult, often strained negotiations. The UK could

  • The Anatomy of Pain

    The Anatomy of Pain0

    The head is drooping and encased in a vicious tangle of thorns, the trunk emaciated and pierced with tiny feathered barbs, the feet twisted out of shape by fractured metatarsals, the fingers gangrenous and tautly outstretched, as if pleading for a merciful coup de grâce. Of all the paintings I have seen of Christ’s crucifixion,

  • On the cusp of a deal

    On the cusp of a deal0

    Gibraltar appears poised on the cusp of an agreement that could lay the foundations for a stable, prosperous future outside the European Union – not just for the Rock but for the neighbouring region too. Leaving the EU was not something we wanted, but this is a nimble, resilient community that knew how to pull

  • #Miscellanea: Old doors

    #Miscellanea: Old doors0

    The Belarusian Noble prize winner Svetlana Alexievich relates a curious story in her book Chernobyl Prayer. She talks about a Ukrainian man called Nikolai who, in the spring of 1988, entered the Chernobyl exclusion zone on a motorbike and rode up to his old house in the abandoned town of Pripyat. On the way there, he

  • The worst kind of isolation

    The worst kind of isolation0

    This article was first published in print in November, 2017 I received an anonymous letter recently, typed out and addressed to me personally but otherwise unmarked. It was posted to our newsroom in Casemates. The Chronicle has a policy of not publishing anonymous letters. We read them, naturally, but nine out of 10 end up

  • #Miscellanea: Franco’s bones

    #Miscellanea: Franco’s bones0

    In a tin of keepsakes which I inherited from my grandmother, there is an old photograph of my father standing together with his mum at el Valle de los Caídos. It must have been taken by my grandfather in 1966 or 1967, when the family of three went on a coach tour of Spain. My