• #Stephen’sNiche: Powerless

    #Stephen’sNiche: Powerless0

    Dare I say it? Power cuts that so plagued this community down the years have noticeably diminished. When there’s a failure of supply nowadays it’s usually due to planned works and Gibelec, to its credit, provides advance notice through the issuing of a press release, on its website and through social media. This allows residents

  • #ThinkingAllowed: At sea with the RGP

    #ThinkingAllowed: At sea with the RGP0

    Chases at sea are challenging and dangerous.  This week one has made the headlines providing dramatic pictures.  Behind the news however are men and women who sometimes put their lives on the line in the quest to tackle criminal activity. Recently, whilst working on an independent project, I spent a few days with the RGP

  • We will not succumb to fear

    We will not succumb to fear0

    Once again, flags at half-mast after unspeakable horror. The hatred that drives someone to murder innocent people in the name of a warped belief can never be comprehended. The targets on this occasion were children and youngsters enjoying a night of music and fun. It makes the scale of what unfolded even more appalling. Yet