• ‘No reduction in spending will affect the provision of health services or high standard of care’

    ‘No reduction in spending will affect the provision of health services or high standard of care’0

    In My Opinion by Neil F Costa MP, Minister for Health, Care and Justice I would like to take the opportunity to reply to your article, published on the 19th July edition of your newspaper, under the headline “Government clamps down on ‘staggering’ GHA overspend”. It is certainly the case, that it is one of

  • #Thinking Allowed: When graffiti becomes art0

    If we subscribe to the fact that art is a vehicle to providing a voice for the voiceless or to speak up about important issues then full marks to local poet David Bentata for his “My Rock” poem. It appeared on one of the Main Street concrete blocks earlier this week. Yesterday a second one

  • Dialogue must be three way

    Dialogue must be three way0

    There was understandable unease here yesterday about the prospect of Spain’s King Felipe raising Gibraltar during a speech to the UK Parliament at the start of his state visit to Britain. Given Spain’s approach to Gibraltar in recent years, the possibility of a reference to the Rock during an address to the mother of all

  • #ThinkingAllowed: The loneliness of leadership

    #ThinkingAllowed: The loneliness of leadership0

    It’s a week since we woke up to the news that Daniel Feetham was resigning as Leader of the GSD.  The shock that wasn’t really a shock.  The resignation that really wasn’t that unexpected.   This is not about Daniel Feetham failing.  As he said “the time for Danny Feetham has gone” – the reality is

  • And then there were five…

    And then there were five…0

    In my opinion As Harold Macmillan is purported to have replied when asked what a prime minister most feared: “Events, dear boy, events”. Well, it’s events that have prompted me to interrupt my summer break and put pen to paper again earlier than planned. Back in April in this column I mused on what I

  • Family time

    Family time0

    Daniel Feetham’s decision to step down as leader of his party was no surprise to anyone fine-tuned to the minutiae of local politics. It was a decision that had been brewing for months, but one that was accelerated by events during last week’s budget session. Mr Feetham is not to everyone’s liking. No top-level frontline