• #ThinkingAllowed: The loneliness of leadership

    #ThinkingAllowed: The loneliness of leadership0

    It’s a week since we woke up to the news that Daniel Feetham was resigning as Leader of the GSD.  The shock that wasn’t really a shock.  The resignation that really wasn’t that unexpected.   This is not about Daniel Feetham failing.  As he said “the time for Danny Feetham has gone” – the reality is

  • And then there were five…

    And then there were five…0

    In my opinion As Harold Macmillan is purported to have replied when asked what a prime minister most feared: “Events, dear boy, events”. Well, it’s events that have prompted me to interrupt my summer break and put pen to paper again earlier than planned. Back in April in this column I mused on what I

  • Family time

    Family time0

    Daniel Feetham’s decision to step down as leader of his party was no surprise to anyone fine-tuned to the minutiae of local politics. It was a decision that had been brewing for months, but one that was accelerated by events during last week’s budget session. Mr Feetham is not to everyone’s liking. No top-level frontline

  • The Gibraltar Development Plan, all bark and no bite?

    The Gibraltar Development Plan, all bark and no bite?0

    By Nicholas Culatto A very interesting article by Eyleen Sheil was published a few weeks ago in which the Development Plan and the effect of the Development Plan was considered. I completely agree with Mrs Sheil’s view that the DPC is continually faced with, as she describes it, the difficult dilemma of having to balance

  • Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce responds to 2017 budget

    Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce responds to 2017 budget0

    The Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce welcomes the Chief Minister’s 2017 budget speech as it clearly illustrates, once again, that the private sector is the engine of the economy and is driving Gibraltar’s growth, success and prosperity. The continued confidence which has been shown by investors and companies in Gibraltar, particularly since last year’s EU referendum

  • 2017 Budget analysis

    2017 Budget analysis0

    By Neil Rumford This was of course a pre-Brexit budget, nevertheless the Chief Minister’s address retained an upbeat theme throughout. Few tax-related changes were announced – with relatively low tax rates and tax revenue showing a steady upwards trend, the phrase “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” springs to mind. Small, inflationary increases were