• Unite’s wish list for 2019

    Unite’s wish list for 20190

    by Gillian Birkett Unite the Union wishes a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all working people, whether in employment or not. 2019 will be both a challenging and uncertain year. As Gibraltar Plc is not in the driving seat, we do not only control events, but we are not clear as to what changes

  • A Christmas message from the Governor of Gibraltar

    A Christmas message from the Governor of Gibraltar0

    Merry Christmas Gibraltar. At this special time of year, Lorraine and I would like to wish the People of Gibraltar all the uplifting happiness and ‘humanness’ that flows from the festive season when we take time to get together with our family and friends; when we take time to listen, understand and empathise with each

  • How Sir Joe Bossano is ‘breaking the civil service’

    How Sir Joe Bossano is ‘breaking the civil service’0

    How Sir Joe Bossano is breaking the civil service – a response to the political broadcast of December 10, 2018 by Wendy Cumming, President of the Gibraltar General and Clerical Association Sir Joe Bossano’s political broadcast was dramatic indeed. Starting out with a fervour of nationalism, it quickly evolved into a civil/public service denigrating exercise

  • Calm before the Brexit storm

    Calm before the Brexit storm0

    Can Theresa May find a way to rescue her Brexit deal?  That is the question that dominated the discussion in Westminster and Brussels at the end of a tumultuous week in which the Prime Minister saw off rebels in her party who called a vote of no confidence in her leadership. Mrs May won two

  • Brexit crossroads

    Brexit crossroads0

    Next week represents a critical juncture in the Brexit process. On Tuesday, the House of Commons will vote on Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. The Prime Minister faces entrenched opposition on both sides of the House and the wide expectation is her deal will be rejected.
If Mrs May’s deal falls, what will happen next is

  • Space to breathe, but curves ahead

    Space to breathe, but curves ahead0

    On issues of legal substance at least, little appears to have changed. The Withdrawal Agreement and political declaration approved on Sunday include Gibraltar in the deal and the transition phase, and will ensure that our exit from the EU is as soft as possible. Until December 2020 at least, things will remain much as they