• #Stephen’sNiche: Azopardi favourite to become GSD leader?

    #Stephen’sNiche: Azopardi favourite to become GSD leader?0

    Politics is a thankless business. Take, as an example, GSD leadership hopeful Roy Clinton. A successful chartered accountant and banker, he gave up his position as CEO of a locally based private bank two years ago to work full time with the Gibraltar Social Democrats, of which he’s been a member since 1990. He was

  • #ThinkingAllowed: Hammond, a Gibraltarian music legend

    #ThinkingAllowed: Hammond, a Gibraltarian music legend0

    I believe that Albert Hammond is a living legend. There’s no denying the singer/songwriter is an absolute genius. So, is it time we, as a community, more widely recognised his talent? Is it time we said loud and proud that Albert Hammond is one of the most talented Gibraltarians and one of the best when

  • #Stephen’sNiche: Shellshocked

    #Stephen’sNiche: Shellshocked0

    I felt rather sorry for the Chinese woman fined £100 this summer by the Magistrate’s Court for collecting three-quarters-of-a-kilo’s worth of an endangered species of limpet found in Gibraltar. She was probably looking forward to a tasty meal, but instead found herself under arrest by Environment Department officers for having breached the Nature Protection Act.

  • In Perspective: It’s way more than just prosperity

    In Perspective: It’s way more than just prosperity0

    The Spanish foreign minister, in a recent speech at a conference in Madrid, made an obvious yet controversial observation. In reflecting on his trip to the Campo area last month, he noted how he “understood” Gibraltar’s position, citing the comparative affluence of the Gibraltarians. He retorted, “Do you think they [Gibraltarians] want to be like

  • The  National  Archives, Cinderella  of  culture

    The National Archives, Cinderella of culture0

    By Humbert Hernandez I often ask myself what it is that makes governments, Left and Right, treat as Cinderella certain aspects of our cultural life, or at best, simply to pay lip-service to their existence. A case in point is our National Archives located where most people would consider the most awkward of places: within

  • #FirstPerson: Bloody Sunday in Catalonia

    #FirstPerson: Bloody Sunday in Catalonia0

    by Guillem Alsina Madrid has repeatedly asserted that Catalonia has no right to self-determination in international law. The argument is that this only applies to colonial territories whereas Catalonia is part of Spain in the same way as its other territories. Well, allow me to recount, dear Reader, that this is not what I saw