• Gibraltar NASUWT statement

    Gibraltar NASUWT statement0

    Gibraltar NASUWT believes that it is very important for all stakeholders in our education system to be fully aware of the concerns that many teachers and indeed the Union have about the changes to education that are set to be implemented by the current administration. The Union recently highlighted the lack of consultation of teachers

  • #Miscellanea: Llanitos in Oxford Street

    #Miscellanea: Llanitos in Oxford Street0

    I was walking down Oxford Street in London a few days ago when I suddenly heard the words ring out behind me: Que frio hace no, Charlie? No dihieron ayé en el televishon que hoy no iva ze tanto frio? Instantly, without a moment’s hesitation, I knew that the person speaking those words had to

  • #ThinkingAllowed: ‘Ageing’ Casemates in need of a facelift

    #ThinkingAllowed: ‘Ageing’ Casemates in need of a facelift0

    Don’t you find there are some people who always look the same and others who you suddenly think have aged? I tend to think the latter normally happens when you have not seen someone in a while. Just like when you see something day to day you miss it’s changing. It’s what has happened to

  • #Miscellanea: Of Time and the City

    #Miscellanea: Of Time and the City0

    ‘Every time a building is destroyed, you know that your memories are also being destroyed … and that a part of you will have gone with it.’ Sometimes, when I think about how much Gibraltar has changed in the last thirty or forty years, I feel a little like the narrator of Grant Gee’s wonderful

  • Thinking the unthinkable

    Thinking the unthinkable0

    by David Hughes Over the years, I’ve usually been happy to share my thoughts with Gibraltar’s newspaper-readers, and grateful to editors who’ve published my writings. Although male lawyers are hardly scarce in Gibraltar’s public and civic life – especially middle-aged ones, as I suppose I must now consider myself – I hope that the views

  • GSD will be ‘natural home’ for moderate centre ground

    GSD will be ‘natural home’ for moderate centre ground0

    New Year message by GSD Leader Keith Azopardi When I last spoke to you it was before Christmas and just after the GSD Leadership election. Then, I explained how I saw the task ahead in the context of the renewal and re-energising of the GSD. That work has started and I want to see a