• Were we ready?

    Were we ready?0

    In a three-part series for the Chronicle, Kenneth Asquez, a registered FA Intermediary, looks back at Gibraltar’s entry into international football, and offers a few ideas for the future. LONDON, Friday 24th May 2013. The venue is the Grosvenor Hotel. By an overwhelming majority of 98.25% of the votes, Gibraltar’s entry into the highest level

  • Political turmoil and a silver lining

    Political turmoil and a silver lining0

    Theresa May called the June 8 election in the hope of securing a stronger hand as the UK went into Brexit talks. Instead, the Conservatives have come out weakened and there is a question mark over the Prime Minister’s future. Short of a parliamentary majority, Mrs May is clinging to an alliance with the Democratic

  • Safety and security are community issues

    Safety and security are community issues0

    By Frankie Hatton After the atrocities in London, the Gibraltar Government and the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) have stepped up the visible campaign as well as security for locals and visitors alike. A walk down Main Street will see police vehicles parked at both ends and concrete bollards along the street, particularly at road crossing

  • Wake up call

    Wake up call0

    The death of a police officer in La Linea on Wednesday puts into sharp focus the risks that law enforcement agents on both sides of the border face daily. The officer, named yesterday as 46-year old Victor Sánchez, was tackling a suspected tobacco smuggler when he was hit by a police van involved in the

  • Stephen’sNiche: Election memories

    Stephen’sNiche: Election memories0

    With the UK general election taking place tomorrow I thought I’d share some of my early memories of covering elections in Gibraltar. My first, in 1988, was held amid a sense that the end of an era was at hand. Led by Sir Joshua Hassan the AACR had, except for a two-year period, governed continuously

  • #Stephen’sNiche: Powerless

    #Stephen’sNiche: Powerless0

    Dare I say it? Power cuts that so plagued this community down the years have noticeably diminished. When there’s a failure of supply nowadays it’s usually due to planned works and Gibelec, to its credit, provides advance notice through the issuing of a press release, on its website and through social media. This allows residents