• #Stephen’sNiche: Brexit bad for British territories’ biodiversity

    #Stephen’sNiche: Brexit bad for British territories’ biodiversity0

    Is there no limit to Brexit’s reach? It turns out that the repercussions of leaving the European Union won’t be felt just by people: It’s bad news also for birds. And lizards. And frogs. At least, for those in the remaining Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies it is. That was the view taken by delegates

  • Beyond Bitcoin – tapping into the blockchain’s potential

    Beyond Bitcoin – tapping into the blockchain’s potential0

    By Johann Olivera Bitcoin has gone quiet. At least it has in the mainstream media, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency’s value is almost 50% higher than it was during the heady days of late 2013. It was then that Bitcoin ceased being a secret known only to the initiated and became a worldwide phenomenon

  • #Stephen’sNiche: Up to speed?

    #Stephen’sNiche: Up to speed?0

    As a victim of a traffic accident some years ago I’m wholly in favour of combatting speeding on our roads. I therefore welcomed the news that speed cameras installed in some of our ‘hot spots’ are now operational and will be used to identify offending vehicles. Launching the initiative, transport minister Paul Balban revealed that

  • #Stephen’sNiche: Brexit Canadian style?

    #Stephen’sNiche: Brexit Canadian style?0

    An Economist reader had a novel, if improbable, solution to the UK’s Brexit woes. Britain should simply become the 11th province of Canada. This, a Mr Ted Stroll argues, would allow Britain to have its trade cake and eat it too. Canada and the EU have a trade agreement and the UK would accede to

  • Gibraltar rock reveals the rubble of democracy

    Gibraltar rock reveals the rubble of democracy0

    by Shelina Assomull Gibraltar doesn’t appear in the international news very often, but recently it entered the spotlight. As the Brexit process commences, Gibraltarians have found themselves at the hands of an unfairly played card, by democratic standards. In the first draft of the Brexit negotiating guidelines came a single clause with a large impact;

  • Counter narrative0

    By Anthony Lombard It strikes me the Chief Minister [‘CM’] and the Spanish Foreign Minister may be ‘peas in a pod’, given they are both prone to employing ‘counter narratives’. Needless to say, such ploys prove hugely detrimental. They disarm us, cause confusion and lull us into a false sense of security. In particular, they