• Walk the Beat

    Walk the Beat0

    Student nurses Iain Payne, Shelbey Catania, Kianne Rodriguez and Becky Duarte held an information morning at the Piazza yesterday to raise awareness of heart disease and the upcoming Walk the Beat on September 24.

  • Pro-choice petition at Piazza today

    Pro-choice petition at Piazza today0

    Members from the “No More Shame” campaign will be at the Piazza today collecting signatures for a petition asking the Government of Gibraltar to decriminalise abortion. The pro-choice campaign group is also calling on the Government to “provide safe, legal and accessible abortion services, within an appropriate legislative framework, determined by women’s healthcare needs and

  • Scanner donation

    Scanner donation0

    The GHA held a presentation to display the newly acquired Bladder Scanner, donated by JNJ Limited UK. Staff members met with Rick Johnson, company director, and family members. The Minister for Health, Care and Justice, Neil Costa, relayed his sincere thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Government of Gibraltar for the generous donation.