• ‘By-the-wind sailors’ wash up on Eastern beach

    ‘By-the-wind sailors’ wash up on Eastern beach0

    Hundreds of “by-the-wind sailors” have washed up on Eastern Beach, the Nautilus Project said today in a statement. The creatures were identified by the group’s marine biologist, Lewis Stagnetto, who urged beachgoers to exercise caution if handling them. By-the-wind sailors, Velella velella, are Hydrozoans related to both Jellyfish (Scyphozoans) and Portuguese man o’ war (siphonophores).

  • Superintendent Yeats completes Strategic Command Course

    Superintendent Yeats completes Strategic Command Course0

    Superintendent Cathal Yeats has recently graduated from the United Kingdom’s College of Policing Strategic Command Course (SCC). The course is open to Superintendent and Chief Superintendent ranks, and staff at equivalent grades, who have shown potential to progress further in their careers. This year’s course was held at the College of Policing’s facilities in Ryton-on-Dunsmore,

  • Awards ceremony at The Convent

    Awards ceremony at The Convent0

    The Governor, Lieutenant General Edward Davis, yesterday hosted an investiture ceremony at The Convent where he presented medals and awards to a number of local recipients. Alfred Reoch was made a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the british Empire for his services to scouting, the Anglican community and drama. James Charles Posso and

  • Govt reacts to pollution expert’s findings

    Govt reacts to pollution expert’s findings0

    The Gibraltar Government has responded to Dr Axel Friedrich’s comments regarding air quality and pollution in Gibraltar, focusing on the concerns raised about ship-source emissions in the area. “It should be noted that the report cites a particular reading at the time of departure of a cruise ship, when its engines are fully working,” a

  • Rowing Marine back on the Rock

    Rowing Marine back on the Rock0

    The Rowing Marine, Lee Spencer, is once again back on the Rock and preparing for his epic voyage that will see him row solo and unsupported from Gibraltar to mainland South America, becoming the world’s first physically disabled person to do so. “The row is still happening. It will be happening this winter,” said Mr

  • Westerly winds push Portuguese Man O’ War back into bay

    Westerly winds push Portuguese Man O’ War back into bay0

    They may be smaller but they are just as painful, warns Marine Biologist Lewis Stagnetto about the most recent influx of Portuguese Man O’ War in Gibraltar’s waters over the weekend. “Although rare at this time of year, the reoccurrence of the Portuguese Man O’ War is due to the storms we have had lately,”