• Snow in Africa

    Snow in Africa0

    The rugged northern face of Djebel Musa in Morocco is pictured above covered in snow yesterday. As temperatures fell this week, meteorologists reported that even the Sahara desert had witnessed a thin layer of snow, the third time in four decades. On this side of the Strait of Gibraltar, the Rock this week witnessed one

  • 2018 Cavalcade: ‘One of the best in its history’

    2018 Cavalcade: ‘One of the best in its history’0

    Chairman of the Gibraltar Cavalcade committee, Eric Abudharam, has said that Gibraltar witnessed “one of the best” Three King’s Cavalcade in its history last Friday night. Speaking at the traditional awards ceremony held on Saturday night at Boyd’s at the King’s Bastion, Mr Adudharam, told all those present that this had been witnessed both in

  • ‘The Winds of Change’ commemorates 1967 Referendum

    ‘The Winds of Change’ commemorates 1967 Referendum0

    A new play commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum will open later this month at the John Mackintosh Hall. A White Light Company production the play ‘The Winds of Change’ will be staged on Thursday 18, Friday 19 and Saturday 20. The play is transpires in the decade leading up to the 1967