• Schengen changes will bring tighter border controls

    Schengen changes will bring tighter border controls0

    Tighter EU border controls to be introduced in March will require systematic document checks for everyone crossing a Schengen border, including the one between Gibraltar and Spain. The amendment to the Schengen Border Code was first proposed in the wake of terrorist attacks in 2015 and finally approved by the European Parliament and the European

  • Dastis ‘realistic’ about joint sovereignty

    Dastis ‘realistic’ about joint sovereignty0

    Spain has little prospect of gaining joint sovereignty over Gibraltar, Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis said this weekend as he acknowledged that Gibraltarians “have a right” to reject the offer. In an interview with leading Spanish newspaper El Pais, Sr Dastis insisted any post-Brexit relationship between Gibraltar and the EU must first be agreed by

  • Marked change of tone as Dastis sets out Gib policy

    Marked change of tone as Dastis sets out Gib policy0

    Spain might accept “some sort of future relationship” between Gibraltar and the European Union after Brexit, Spain’s new Foreign Minister said yesterday, even as he insisted Madrid’s underlying position “remains the same”. In his first detailed public comments on Spain’s foreign policy aims, Alfonso Dastis Quecedo offered a marked change of tone on Gibraltar from