GGCA survey signals discontent among prison staff

GGCA survey signals discontent among prison staff

Prison officers who took part in an online survey organised by the GGCA said more than 80% of bullying incidents at the prison go unreported.

A total of 42 GGCA members working at the prison took part and 86% claimed there was low morale among staff.

The GGCA, which outsourced the exercise to “ensure the anonymity of everyone who participated”, published the results yesterday.

Bullying was a concern for prison officers, with 29% claiming they have been a victim of bullying or victimisation at work, while 43% said they have witnessed bullying incidents.


A total of 83% of bullying incidents went unreported and 60% said they fear reprisals or a comeback for reporting an incident.

If management were to carry out investigations into bullying allegations, 62% believed it would not be effective, 54% said they have no trust in the procedure and 54% felt the process will have no transparency.

Over 90% of prison staff members have not used a grievance procedure, the study found.
Half of those who took part said they have suffered from work-related stress, anxiety or depression.

A total of 76% was not satisfied with the current shift system, with 98% affected by the shift changes. In addition, 62% were dissatisfied with current manning levels.

With regards to safety, 31% said they feel unsafe carrying out operational duties and 68% are not satisfied with the level and aftercare provided to prison officers.

In addition, more than half said they are not happy with security within the prison.

76% of prison officers are not satisfied with department equipment, and 83% said more maintenance is needed for office space and IT.

Prison officers also expressed their dissatisfaction with senior management – 86% are not satisfied with the level of training within in the prison, 67% felt the allocation of available training courses was unfair, and 81% did not think the work load was not properly delegated.

The union said it is now in the process of arranging a date to discuss the outcome of the survey with the prison’s senior management.

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