Trump predicts UK-US trade will grow ‘substantially’ after Brexit

Trump predicts UK-US trade will grow ‘substantially’ after Brexit

Donald Trump has predicted trade between the US and UK will increase “very substantially” after Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The American president, speaking at the White House, said the two countries were agreeing to “go forward” to preserve their trade agreement.

He said: “We’re agreeing to go forward and preserve our trade agreement.

“You know all of the situation with respect to Brexit and the complexity and the problems, but we have a very good trading relationship with the UK and that’s just been strengthened further.

“So with the UK we’re continuing our trade and we’re going to actually be increasing it very substantially as time goes by.

“We expect that the UK will be very, very substantially increased as it relates to trade with the United States. The relationship there also is very good.”

Last year, Mr Trump dealt the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal a blow by suggesting it could hinder the ability of the UK to trade with the US.

His latest comments were welcomed by International Trade Secretary Liam Fox.

Dr Fox said: “President Trump’s statement was clear – the UK and the USA share a special trade relationship and there is real ambition on both sides of the Atlantic to enhance this after we leave the European Union.

“We have already taken concrete steps towards this including the signing of a Mutual Recognition Agreement earlier this week which will secure trade worth up to £12.8 billion.

“A free trade agreement with the United States is one of my international economic department’s top priorities and I look forward to beginning formal negotiations.”

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