Together Gibraltar, a new political party

Together Gibraltar, a new political party

Together Gibraltar is set to become a political party after 86% of its members voted in favour of the motion at a meeting held last night.

The party will be spearheaded by founder and Independent MP Marlene Hassan-Nahon.

With the general elections due to take place next year, Ms Hassan-Nahon is hoping to put forward a slate of candidates who will represent the community in Gibraltar.

After the votes were counted the announcement was welcomed with cheers from members.


Ms Hassan-Nahon said: “I am very happy with the results because we have a mandate from the people who have been supporting this project from the very beginning.”

“I feel now that it is clear that people want a new party to carry on from the seeds of grassroots activism that we have brought about.”

“From me and from the membership, I think that is a real endorsement of the need for something new, something different, something very connected to the people, something integral, something inclusive, and I am very excited to deliver the project.”

“I hope people will respect and appreciate that we are here to improve democracy and we are here to deliver better politics in Gibraltar.”

Ms Hassan-Nahon she will be meeting with Together Gibraltar soon and putting together an executive, develop a charter and solidify vision and policies, which will be delivered in a month.

She said: “Once we are ready with that, we will showcase who these people are and who the team is in order for people to get to know them and develop a connection with them before we go on to the general election.”

Some of the areas Ms Hassan-Nahon said the party will focus on are the environment, civil rights, health and care for Gibraltar’s aging population and transparency and accountability in politics in Gibraltar.

Some 75 members turned up to Together Gibraltar headquarters in Main Street to cast their vote.

Voters were given two options: to remain as a civil society platform and have the political party as a separate entity; or to evolve the civil movement into a new political party for Gibraltar.

Before voters were sent to cast their votes, Ms Hassan-Nahon said her focus going forward would be a new party structure even if Together Gibraltar would remain as a civil platform.

Recognising the work done by members over the past year, Ms Hassan-Nahon said: “One year ago, we took the decision to start something new. Something different.”

“Something which brings politics back to the people. You have helped me achieve that.”

“You have formed part of this special group of individuals who have said no to tribal politics. No to governance by ego and cult of personality, and yes to real change, transparency and democracy.”

Members will now meet to discuss what is the next stage going forward, with an announcement of the new executive and their policies to be made next month.


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