Camera course finds art in nature

Camera course finds art in nature

Stephen Hermida from the Photographic Society is running this week’s ‘Art through Photography’ course as part of the summer sports and leisure programme.

The course takes the children through the various aspects of photography including aperture and shutter speed, learning about light, and composition.

Yesterday after a short lesson in the Photographic Society’s premises in Wellington Front the group made their way to Commonwealth Park to capture some images. It proved a favourite spot amongst the children.

Noah Segui, 11, son of well-known photographer Jon Segui, is taking part in the course.


He said he has always been interested in photography because of his Dad.

“I have seen him taking photos and I have always loved looking at them. Ever since I got my own camera I have been loving just taking photos,” he said.

His favourite thing to capture is flowers and plants.

“They are easy to take photos of and I like the look of the flowers,” he said.

He is taking part in the course to “learn a bit more about photography and to learn more about what the camera can do.”

Alexa Tibury Chang, 12, has taken some private photography classes in the past but this is the first time she has undertaken one as a community member. The one thing she loves about photography is “just how you can express what you want and you can do whatever you feel like doing.”

“You do not have any limits,” she said.

Sunsets and flowers are her two favourite things to capture, as she finds them the most interesting.

Art throu photography 2 24-07-18  (Photo John Bugeja) second  workshop practical class at the Commonwealth Park

Art throu photography 2 24-07-18 (Photo John Bugeja) second workshop practical class at the Commonwealth Park

Ishika Nagrani, 14, said she has always had an interest in photography because she “loves to capture the moment.” Nature and natural wildlife are her favourite things to snap.

“I love to see how different colours in nature and how the photo comes out,” she said.

Sophia Cuevas, who turns 11 on Saturday, loves that with photography, “you can do anything. You can take photos of anything.”

Flowers and people are her favourite things to photograph. She likes people because of their expressions.

“They wear whatever they want, they have expressions, some people are jumping or spinning, you can do anything you want really,” she said.

Erin Brion, 11, decided to do the course for a change from sailing or other sporty-type summer courses and she is pleased she made that decision.

It is not her first time taking photographs and in the past she has enjoyed capturing flowers “because you can get them in lots of different forms and shapes”.

Pic by Johnny Bugeja

Eyleen Gomez

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