Gib group welcomes Mackinlay’s call for representation

Gib group welcomes Mackinlay’s call for representation

The Representation in Westminster group has welcomed British MP Craig Mackinlay’s recent call for Gibraltar to have direct representation in the UK parliament at Westminster.

“We welcome his opinion, but Mr Mackinlay is not the only MP who has supported Gibraltar in this matter,” the group said adding: “There are many others who through the years have held this same view.”

“Even if the Rock’s eventual MP is shared with another part of the UK, in the same way as it happens in the European Parliament, it would be a good and safe way forward for Gibraltar and its people.”

“In fact, more so, since when Brexit occurs we will have no representation anywhere,” the group said in a statement.


“Our friends in Britain including Mr Mackinlay recognize the damage Brexit could bring to Gibraltar.”

The group believes that a democratically elected MP in Westminster, whether shared or not, can only strengthen Gibraltar’s link with Britain.

It explained that the move will make the Rock a devolved part of the United Kingdom “with all its benefits related to delisting by the UN and countering Spain’s illegal claim”.

“We would keep our 2006 Constitution with the Preamble’s Double-lock on sovereignty, and our Chief Minister will always be the head of our Government and spokes person.”

“We have nothing to lose and a lot to gain,” the group insisted.

“The words of Esteban Gonzales Pons still reverberate as he said in the European Parliament “As Gibraltar is not represented in Westminster it is not part of the United Kingdom, therefore whatever Brexit deal the UK and Europe strike, it will not apply to Gibraltar.” But what if we were to be considered a part of the UK?”

The group added that its campaign is currently at its peak, having collected more than 7,000 signatures and are aiming to collect 10,000 in Gibraltar.
“We will eventually be delivering this to the British Government in Westminster.”

“We also have a team of expert UK lawyers preparing a legal opinion as to the UK’s obligation towards the Rights of British Gibraltar and its British people.”
“We urge the people of Gibraltar to support us in our British Campaign.”

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