Price of UK grocery basket up 5% on last year

Price of UK grocery basket up 5% on last year

An average basket of groceries costs 5% more than this time last year, a survey has found.

The price of 35 popular items increased to £86.77 in March, up from £85.90 in February and £4.08 or 5% more than 12 months ago – higher than the usual 3% year-on-year increase, the mySupermarket monthly Groceries Tracker found.

The rising costs of mushrooms and kitchen towel, up 42% and 27% over the year respectively, contributed to the price increase, while squash drink and cola were up 27% and 16%, although the sugar tax took effect later than the basket was compiled, on April 6.

Overall, the price of 19 items rose between February and March 2018 while 10 fell and six remained the same.

MySupermarket chief executive Gilad Simhony said: “Although March’s basket only cost 1% more than February’s, it is over £4 more expensive than the same basket of goods this time last year.

“We’re seeing retailers respond to rising costs of manufacturing by absorbing the increased cost to keep prices lower for shoppers in some instances. However, the recently introduced sugar tax may push prices up for categories such as squash drink, cola and fruit juice.”

The percentage price differences between March 2017 and March 2018, according to mySupermarket, are:

Apples, up 10%

Baked beans, up 3%

Bananas, up 2%

Breakfast cereals, up 1%

Broccoli, up 16%

Butter, up 16%

Carrots, up 9%

Cheddar cheese, no change

Cola, up 16%

Crisps, up 1%

Cucumber, up 4%

Deli bacon and ham, up 4%

Eggs, down 1%

Fresh chicken pieces, down 4%

Fresh peppers, up 3%

Frozen chips, up 3%

Frozen fish fingers, up 10%

Frozen pizza, down 1%

Fruit juice, down 4%

Fruit yoghurt, up 1%

Grapes, no change

Kitchen towels, up 27%

Leaf salad, up 3%

Milk, up 3%

Minced beef, up 2%

Mushrooms, up 42%

Onions, up 8%

Pasta, down 2%

Potatoes, no change

Red pasta sauce, down 6%

Sausages and chipolatas, up 3%

Squash drink, up 27%

Toilet paper, up 5%

Tomatoes, up 7%

White bread, up 4%

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