Gib becomes popular as same-sex marriage destination

Gib becomes popular as same-sex marriage destination

The Rock is becoming a popular destination for same-sex marriages, with an average of four couples tying the knot each month since the law was changed last December. Most of those couples are from outside Gibraltar.

Some 10 months after Mr and Mr Dignam-Mills made history with Gibraltar’s first gay marriage, the Rock is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for same-sex couples planning a wedding.

Since the Dignam-Mills nuptials last December, a total of 39 same sex marriages have taken place in Gibraltar, including 32 couples who came from overseas.

Twenty-five of these couples were groom and groom, with the remaining seven weddings bringing together two brides.
Same sex civil partnerships for overseas couples are also popular in Gibraltar.


Since it became legal in May of 2014 and over the past three years, 86 civil partnerships have taken place on the Rock. The majority of these unions were same sex civil partnerships.

All of the female couples to enter the partnership, 32 in total, were from overseas.

The vast majority of male couples who took part in a civil partnership, 47 in total, were not resident in Gibraltar.

Seven heterosexual couples also united in civil partnership, with five of these coming from overseas.

Eyleen Gomez

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