‘Gib University looks to Africa for partnerships’

‘Gib University looks to Africa for partnerships’

The Times Higher Education supplement reported the University of Gibraltar was looking to Africa for partnerships. Its vice-chancellor Daniella Tilbury told the Times the university’s ideal geographical location “affords options in Europe and beyond”.

Professor Tilbury said the university had received a lot of interest from Asia, [but] it felt right for it to start brokering partnerships in Africa – “because of our proximity, because of our history and intercultural connections”.

She explained that the university’s “offer isn’t [solely] for local students”, and Gibraltar’s aim is to build on its strategic position – as a British overseas territory situated between Europe and Africa – to solidify its position in the international higher education sector.

Because of this, she said, she was less worried about the effects of Brexit than a UK university vice-chancellor might be, although she shared the universal concerns about access to research funding.


“Africa has got the fastest-growing demographic in terms of potential students in HE. We have Spanish, French and English [people] as common practice in Gibraltar, and obviously all of that will facilitate a lot of the international brokering,” she added.

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