Local soldiers train alongside Moroccan troops

Local soldiers train alongside Moroccan troops

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment [RG] completed a month-long operational training in Sennybridge, South Wales, alongside Moroccan paratroopers.

The RG continued its ‘close relationship’ with the Moroccan Armed Forces at Exercise Jebel Tarik, and invited members of the Forces Armées Royale [FAR] to join. A week before deployment to Sennybridge, 20 FAR personnel arrived in Gibraltar and underwent pre-deployment training.

Governor Lieutenant General Edward Davis alongside Commander British Forces, Commodore Ian McGhie visited the troops on exercise, and were joined by Colonel Major Azzendine Badr and Lieutenant Colonel Moad Raoundi from the FAR.

“It is good to work with foreign troops, particularly the Moroccans, given the fact we have been working with them for over 15 years now,” said Chief Instructor Sgt Joshua Whitaker.


“These opportunities allow us to share ideas on best practices and enable the RG to continue developing its special relationship that has been in place for such a long time. The FAR troops were highly motivated and competent soldiers that engaged with us instantly and became fully integrated with the company from the outset.”

At Sennybridge the RG completed an annual weapons assessment which allowed them to continue to provide armed guarding. Live Firing Marksmanship Training provided the RG with an understanding of common firing principles and aims to instil confidence when firing in combat.

The RG Reserves, B Company, was also deployed for the last two weeks of the exercise. The deployment to Sennybridge was due to the ‘challenging terrain’ which cannot be replicated in Gibraltar.

“The training conducted on this exercise is designed to be testing and is an ideal opportunity for my men to work in a challenging environment where they can hone their combat skills and be pushed to their limits,” said Major Timothy Cumming, Officer Commanding I Company (I COY).

“Apart from completing mandated training requirements, it gives me an opportunity to identify upcoming commanders and confirm that my soldiers are current and competent in their infantry Tactics Techniques and Procedures. It also gives me the opportunity to test my Company in what we call Land Tactical Actions, which is basically manoeuvring and fighting in various offensive and defensive ways.”

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