GDP gets fit to serve

GDP gets fit to serve

The Gibraltar Defence Police has signed up to take part in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), the world’s largest employee health and performance programme.

It follows the introduction last year of a baseline fitness level for all police officers.

The introduction of the new policy, which is in-line with their UK counterparts, has inspired officers to improve their overall fitness.

Hundreds of thousands of employees around the world compete in teams of seven to complete a 100 day challenge aimed at improving both their physical and psychological health.


The GDP entered ten teams of seven individuals, representing a significant percentage of the Force.

The participants measured their physical activity on a daily basis. All activity including walking, running, swimming and cycling was then placed on a leader-board allowing teams to compete against each other, as well as against approximately 45,000 other teams from 1,500 companies and law enforcement bodies around the world.

The ‘Blue Team II’ was the overall winning team within the GDP and PC Dina Laoudy, from the ‘Green Team’ was the individual officer who recorded the most activity. PC Laoudy recorded over 3,000,000 steps throughout the 100 day challenge.

“This was a great opportunity for officers to take more exercise and consider the effect of diet and sleep on their overall well-being,” said Chief Police Officer, Chief Superintendent Rob Allen.

“The number of officers participating in the programme was particularly impressive. The challenge has really helped to further instil the need for personal fitness to enable us to carry out our important role effectively.”

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